Explanation of fees

Understand the reasoning behind the setting of fees and charges.

Parking meter regulation officer
Many of the goods and services we provide are charged on a cost recovery basis. Each fee reflects the actual cost of providing services and facilities as accurately as possible. Examples include, but are not limited to: Application fees for the issue and renewal of a licence Recording a change of ownership of land Inspections undertaken Water connection fees Cost recovery fees are in accordance with Sections 74, 97 and 262 of the Local Government Act 2009 ...
MBAC lifeguard on duty
When we conduct business activity on a commercial basis, we are entitled to charge fees for this activity. However, as we are in the public sector, the commercial activity conducted should not enjoy any net advantage over competitors. Some examples of commercial activities include off-street parking, quarries, aquatic and sporting facilities, sub-divisional works, or road construction works for domestic dwellings such as driveways. In particular, parking fees for metered spaces and off-st ...
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