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The property search form can be used to find out valuable information when buying a property or investigating a property for building or planning reasons. ...

Building & planning forms

APP 001 Pre-lodgement Meeting Request Application - Print only form
APP 002 Real Estate Signs Application - Print only form
APP 005 Concurrence agency referral building works assessable against the Building Act 1975
APP 006 Request for archived building plans or documents
APP 007 Conversion Application Print only form
APP 010 Plumbing Request to Extend or Change Existing Approval
APP 011 Request to Extend Period Application - Print only form
APP 012 FastTrack application form
APP 013 MCU PSW design certificate FastTrack application
APP 014 RAL design certificate FastTrack application
APP 017 Swimming Pool Safety Compliance Certificate Application - Print only form
APP 019 Community Organisation Sign Application - Print only form
APP 020 Estimate of Infrastructure Charges Request Application Form
APP 026 Request for General Exemption for Emergency Development Application - Print only form
APP 027 Suspension of Appeal Period Request for Negotiated Decision and ICN Application - Print only form
APP 028 Referral to Concurrence Agency for Onsite Alterations Assessed Under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002
APP 030 Request for discount - Temporary Economic Development for District Townships Incentives Policy 2.32
APP 033 Toowoomba Railway Parklands PDA Development Application Form
APP 034 Discount or waiver of development application fees
APP 035 Request for Infrastructure Agreement Application Form
CL 003 Operational works Permit for Footpath Crossovers Checklist
CL 004 Returning a Signed Infrastructure Agreement Applicant Checklist
CL 008 Plumbing Applications Submitted Plans Checklist
CL 009 Plumbing Applications Drawing Service Checklist
CL 010 Survey plan signing checklist
CL 012 Timber Deck or Covered Area Class 1a Attached or 10a Detached Checklist
CL 013 Retaining Wall Class 10b Checklist
CL 014 Swimming Pool and Swimming Pool Safety Barrier Class 10b Checklist
CL 015 Convert Garage to Habitable Area Class Checklist
CL 016 Dwelling or Addition or Alteration Class 1a Checklist
CL 017 Garage or Garden Sheet or Carport or Shade Sail Class 10 Checklist
CL 018 Dwelling Rebuild Class 1a Checklist
CL 019 Convert detached garage to habitable room checklist
Heritage - CBD incentives scheme application form
Heritage - CBD incentives scheme funding agreement form
INFO 001 Pre-lodgement Meeting Information Sheet
INFO 002 Removal Dwellings and Buildings Information Sheet
INFO 006 Landscape Plans Information Sheet
INFO 009 Home based business information sheet
INFO 013 Driveway and Works in the Road Reserve Information Sheet
INFO 019 What is Greywater Information Sheet
INFO 021 Advertising signs information sheet
INFO 022 Application for a Building Siting Discretion Information Sheet
INFO 023 Community Organisation Sign Information Sheet
INFO 026 Requirements for Installation of Rainwater Tanks Information Sheet
INFO 030 Application for Search Request Information Sheet
INFO 035 Priority Infrastructure Plan Information Sheet
INFO 036 Reconfiguring a lot information sheet
INFO 038 Shipping Containers Used as Storage Sheds Information Sheet
INFO 039 Swimming Pools and Pool Safety Barriers Information Sheet
INFO 040 Water Meter Connections Information Sheet
INFO 041 Plan Search Request Information Sheet
INFO 042 Book a Plumbing and Drainage Inspection Information Sheet
INFO 043 Development Assessment Panel Information Sheet
INFO 044 Guidelines for Addressing a Development Assessment Panel Meeting Information Sheet
INFO 045 Requirements for geotechnical reports information sheet
INFO 046 Individual Water Metering of Units Information Sheet
INFO 047 Nomination of Road Frontage Information Sheet
INFO 048 Footpath Dining Information Sheet
INFO 049 Tents - What Triggers a Building Approval Information Sheet
INFO 050 Building Work - Frequently Asked Questions Information Sheet
INFO 051 Responsible Person Under the Drainage Act Information Sheet
INFO 052 Type of Plumbing and Drainage Work Information Sheet
INFO 053 FastTrack information sheet
INFO 054 Infrastructure Charging for Building Works Information Sheet
INFO 055 Neighbourhood Character Overlay Information Sheet
INFO 056 Document Lodgement of PC Building Approval Guidelines
Residential services - application for building compliance notice PART A - Print only form
Residential services building summary - building assessment checklist PART B - Print only form
Sewer and/or inter-allotment drainage connection application form (for print)
Sewer and/or inter-allotment drainage connection application form (online)
Swimming pool safety compliance certificate application form
Temporary home establishment or occupation application - Print only form
Water service application form (for print)
Water service application form (online)
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