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Road grid Hodgsonvale

Where gates and grids are allowed, they must be installed, managed and maintained to an appropriate and consistent standard which minimises any safety risk to road users. This does not apply to gates and grids at property entrances, or on property boundaries, provided that the gate and grid does not encroach on the road reserve. As a preferred position, we discourage the use of gates and grids where possible. However, it is acknowledged that gates and grids may be required under certain circumstances for primary production purposes.


Gates and grids conditions of permit - all applications

The applicant is required to comply with the following conditions and specifications as part of the permit to work within the road reserve (if the permit is granted). If there is more than one applicant, all of the applicants are jointly and severally bound by the conditions of the permit. The permit may contain additional conditions and if it does, those additional conditions will apply to the exclusion of the conditions below, to the extent of any inconsistency.


To apply for a new gate and/or grid use:


To transfer ownership of a registered gate or grid use:

Transfer of ownership compliance and enforcement

The permit holder is responsible for carrying out regular inspections to ensure the structure/s comply with our standards. The frequency of these inspections is at the permit holder’s discretion, having regard to the prevailing condition and age of the particular gate and grid. Additionally, the permit holder is responsible for carrying out an annual compliance inspection of the gate, or gate and grid to ensure it conforms to the specified standards. We will advise the permit holder in writing when the inspection is due. This notification will include the gate and grid condition report and information sheet and an invoice for the scheduled fee.

Failure to maintain the gate and grid according to approval conditions and/or undertake annual compliance inspections will constitute a breach of the approval permit and result in prosecution according to Parts 5 and 6 of Local Law No. 1 (Administration) 2011. The permit holder will be instructed to rectify all defects of the gate and grid in accordance with the timelines as specified in the gate and grid condition report and information sheet. Failure to rectify the defects within the specified time will result in the removal of the defective structure/s. Costs associated with the removal and reinstatement of the road will be recoverable from the permit holder.

Where a gate or gate and grid is deemed to be in a dangerous or unsafe condition we may carry out immediate remedial works which may include the temporary filling or complete removal of the gate, or gate and grid. The structure/s may be temporarily repaired by us at the permit holder’s cost.

Staff will inspect all gates and grids without notice as part of the routine road network inspections and/or as verification audits of the permit holder’s annual compliance inspection and/or in the absence of receiving a gate and grid condition report from the permit holder within the prescribed time. Staff will also respond to any complaints or requests received in relation to specific gates and grids. Any condition defects observed during the course of such inspections will be advised to the permit holder in writing.


To remove a gate and grid and apply for assistance in fencing use:


To prove adjoining landholder consent use:


To submit a gate and/or grid condition report use:


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