Rates search

House for sale

A conveyancing questionnaire takes approximately 5 working days.

How to apply


The property search form is available in an online or PDF version.

How to fill in the search form

A search form must be completed and returned with payment and include the following details:

  • Current owner and property details
  • Real property description
  • Date of settlement
  • Preferred delivery method
  • Date of reading

The search fee can be paid by one of the following methods:-

  1. At any Council service centre by cheque/cash/credit card
  2. Mail
  3. Debtors account (If an account is required with Council please contact the customer service centre to obtain a credit application form.)

Information available through a rates search

The following information is provided on the rates search:-

  • Unimproved value
  • Current rates position
  • Fire levy
  • Water meter details, including last water meter reading
  • Town plan zoning
  • Realignments
  • Resumptions or easement requisitions
  • Requisitions - water, sewerage and health
  • Trade waste requirements
  • Property related debt

A special water meter reading can also be obtained for an additional fee.  A special reading request will provide an updated reading for adjustment at settlement. 


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