Online service requests & payments

We have two systems for your online service requests - one specifically designed for mobile devices and the other for desktop browsers. They both perform similar functions and result in the same action.

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Mobile phones & tablets
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Desktop computers & laptops
Report an issue

Lodge a new general request

Footpath/cycleway maintenance

Report graffiti

Parking issue e.g. unlawful parking

Parking meter service request

Road maintenance sealed (bitumen)

Road maintenance unsealed (gravel)

Missed wheelie bin service

Wheelie bin maintenance

Lodge a Service request
Lodge a formal complaintcompliment or provide formal feedback
Water meter maintenance
Wheelie bin cancellationsmaintenance & new services

Change & view details

Change of address
De-register dog


Change of address
Register new dog
Property search (conveyancing)
Pay rates & fees

Pay rates

Pay infringement fees (parking fines e.t.c)

Pay booking fees (park bookings e.t.c)

Pay licencing fees

Pay animal fees (animal registration (e.t.c)

Rates enquiry

Pay rates & fees
Infringement enquiry

Make a booking

Park wedding bookings

View my bookings

Park wedding bookings

Lost & found registers  

Dogcat & other animals impoundment register
Vehicles & other  goods

Community View grants

Community grant application
Community liaison request for meeting [registration required]


Old browsers

These applications may not function correctly with some old internet browsers. If you are using Internet Explorer 8, before attempting to lodge a request, you will need to make sure your version has been set up to run in 'Compatibility Mode'. To set up your program in compatibility mode, click the Compatibility view option under the Tools menu in Internet Explorer 8.

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