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Access PD Online here.

PD Online will enable you to:


Several different search types available on PD Online

Property enquiry

This allows you to access property information including:

Application enquiry

This enables you to view and monitor the progress of development applications from lodgement, to decision (with the exception of Plumbing and Drainage and Building applications). You can also use this tool to research development activity in Toowoomba region. You will be able to find information relating to:

Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme

This is a searchable and up-to-date electronic version of the planning scheme that will allow you to:

For information about how to navigate the planning scheme and use the search functions please refer to the Instructions for online planning scheme.

Map search

This function allows you to interactively access important planning information about the property and surrounding properties. You will be able to access:

After selecting a property using the Map Search, you will have the ability to view property details. You can also access this information in Smart maps.


What can’t be viewed


Further information

For further specific information about PD Online, please contact the Technical Advice Officer on 131 872, or visit your nearest Customer Service Centre.


The information contained in this article is a guide only. This information has been prepared by Toowoomba Regional Council to help people gain an understanding of the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme. Please consult the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme for detailed information including maps (zones, local plans, overlays and priority infrastructure plan), provisions and policies. The content of this article is not intended to replace the provisions of the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme.


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