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Survey plan signing

There are a number of instances that a survey plan would need to be lodged with Council for endorsement. This may include, but not limited to:

  • For reconfiguring a lot (i.e. subdivision or boundary realignment);
  • To create a community titles scheme; or
  • To establish an easement over a property.

Survey Plan endorsement is a review of compliance against existing conditions, development approvals, legislation and regulations. It is not additional assessment of the original development.


Lodging a request for survey plan signing

To lodge a request for survey plan signing, you will need to submit:

  • A fully completed application form APP 004 Survey plan endorsement application form
  • Survey plan signed by all owners, original from a registered surveyor.
  • Any other documentation to be signed such as easement, community management statement, covenant documentation etc – original signed by all parties.
  • Payment of the relevant plan endorsement fee, valuation fee and document signing fees.

Your request for survey plan signing should only be submitted once all aspects of your development are complete. You should submit evidence of all completed items pertaining to your development. A comprehensive list is outlined in CL 010 Survey Plan Signing Checklist. Not all items will apply to every development.


Assessment of a survey plan

Council is required to assess your request in accordance with Schedule 20 of the Planning Regulation 2017.  This may include a desktop assessment and onsite inspection. If there are any items that have not been completed, Council will issue you with further advice outlining what else needs to be completed.

Once Council is satisfied everything is complete, the survey plan will be endorsed and you will be contacted to determine your preferred method of receiving the signed survey plan and any other relevant documents.


Further assistance

For further assistance on the requirements for lodging a survey plan, contact Council’s Technical Advice Officers on 131 872.

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