Responsible person for plumbing work and inspection requirements

Plumber under sink


Inspection requirements

Inspections are required to be scheduled by the responsible person at each of the following stages of regulated work (including on-site sewerage work) which are prescribed under Section 86(5) of the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018. Approved plans are to be given to the Council plumbing inspector on site at the time of inspections. For further information refer to Plumbing Plan Requirements INFO 012 (for print)

An inspector must start assessing the work within 1 hour after:

  1. the time agreed between the responsible person for the work and the local government; or
  2. if a time is not agreed 48 hours after the local government receives the request.


Inspection requirement examples

Job: plumbing or drainage laid under a floor slab or in another area where pipes or fittings will be covered.

Job: plumbing or drainage that is laid below ground level and external to a building or other structure.

Job: plumbing installed in a building or other structure before the cladding or lining covering the plumbing is fixed.

Job: plumbing or drainage work, the subject of the request for compliance assessment.

Job: greywater use facility.

Job: relevant compliance permit imposes a condition requiring an assessment at 1 or more stages of the work

  1. for a trench or sub-surface irrigation:
  2. before filling with backfill; or
  3. after substantially filling with backfill but leaving a cross-sectional area of the trench or sub-surface irrigation not backfilled;
  4. after all pipes for the relevant on-site sewerage facility are connected, and effluent resulting from sewage generated on the premises can be treated by the on-site sewage treatment plant; and

Job: relevant compliance permit imposes a condition requiring an assessment at 1 or more other stages of the work.


Further information

For further specific information about the responsible person under the Drainage Act, contact Building & Compliance - Plumbing Section on 131 872 or visit your nearest Customer Service Centre.



The information contained in this article is a guide only. This information has been prepared by Toowoomba Regional Council to help people gain an understanding of the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme. Please consult the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme for detailed information including maps (zones, local plans, overlays and priority infrastructure plan), provisions and policies. The content of this information sheet is not intended to replace the provisions of the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme.

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