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Townhouse units

FastTrack is Toowoomba Regional Council's accelerated development assessment path for low risk, code assessable development applications lodged by suitably qualified and experienced consultants. Assessment of FastTrack applications will generally be completed within ten business days from being decision ready*.


Eligible development

Where the following development is code assessable, they are eligible for FastTrack assessment:

Material change of use**

Planning scheme works

Reconfiguring a lot

Operational work

*Decision ready: For the purpose of a FastTrack application this means entering the decision stage and Council concluding it has all necessary information to determine the application.

**Application thresholds: Maximum 500m2  gross floor area (GFA) limit (i.e. within an existing building, additions/extensions to an existing building/use, or a new use); OR a maximum of 10 rooms/units; whichever measure is applicable to the use as determined by Council.

Note: For the purpose of a FastTrack application ‘GFA’ includes areas used for external uses, storage and/or display (i.e. in addition to GFA as defined in the administrative definitions of the TRPS) and a ‘dual key unit’ is considered as two units.



Eligibility criteria

A development application is ineligible for FastTrack if:


Applicant criteria

Subject to a written exemption by Council, prior to lodgement, a FastTrack application can only be lodged by a suitably qualified and experienced applicant.

For the purpose of a FastTrack application, an applicant must be a qualified town planner or have a qualification in a development related discipline (e.g. urban designer, surveyor, architect, building designer, building surveyor, engineer, social scientist or solicitor etc.) and experience in the preparation, lodgement and/or assessment of development applications with or within Queensland Local Government.


Application submission

How to submit an application

Online application - preferred method

Online customer service portal - Register (top right hand corner) and then select 'Development applications'.

Further information about the portal can be found in the 'Submit your development application online' article.


PDF applications (see 'Related documents') can be emailed to

In person

PDF applications (see 'Related documents') can be submitted in person to your local customer service centre.

If submitting at a customer service centre, please ensure all items mentioned below are provided in one of the following formats:

Items required for submission

and other supporting information such as:

Note: A full town planning report is not required in the case where all matters identified on the FastTrack application form have been satisfactorily addressed in an attachment.

Application fee

The FastTrack application fee is the same as the standard fee at the time of lodgement of an application. Please refer to the current Planning and Development Group Register of Cost Recovery Fees and Charges to determine the applicable fee. If lodging electronically, please contact Council to arrange for payment of the Council application fee at the time of lodgement.

Application fee rebate

Once a FastTrack application has been determined and a decision notice has been issued, Council will issue a 15% rebate of the application fee paid. 

Assessing officer

The assessing officer who is allocated to a FastTrack application will contact the applicant generally within two  business days of lodgement to advise their name and contact details. The assessing officer may need to refer a FastTrack application within Council to allow for assessment by specialist officers from a number of different functional areas. However, it is important following lodging a FastTrack application with Council that the assessing officer is the ‘single point’ of contact for all applicant enquiries.  


Standard conditions

The Development Services branch has developed and maintains standard condition sets in response to changes to legislation and standards as well as to ensure that development permits issued by TRC:

A FastTrack application will generally include conditions from standard condition sets in the assessing officers report recommendation. However, in the case where non-standard or site specific conditions are proposed to be included in an approval, you will be contacted by the assessing officer to discuss the requirement.


Tips for success

You can assist Council in assessing your FastTrack application as fast as possible by:


Further information

For information and assistance, please contact Council’s Technical Advice Officers on 131 872  or at the Customer Service Centre at 4 Little Street, Toowoomba.


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