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NEW online customer service portal

On 1 July 2019, we launched a new online customer service portal to allow applicants to submit a number of development applications online.

These applications can easily be submitted and paid for using this portal 24/7. It allows applicants to track the progress of their applications submitted through the portal by using one user account per business/individual with ease. 

At this stage, the online customer service portal will accept only single use applications but we are striving to achieve all application types in the future; please see attached a 'sneak peek' of the applications available to be submitted via our portal. 

We encourage use of this service wherever possible. To achieve full value and use of the portal become a registered user today!

  1. The following link will take you to the new user registration page; alternatively you can visit the online customer service portal and navigate to the top right of screen and click on the ‘Register’ link;
  2. Complete the ‘new user registration’ online form and click 'Submit'.
  3. Council staff will verify your details and enable your account. You will receive an email when your login account is ready for use (allow a maximum of 2 working days for processing).

At completion of this process you will be able to submit your development applications and pay your application fees online from 1 July.

This is a submission service only and acceptance of the application does not constitute a properly made application. Council officers will contact you in due course to advise whether the application is properly made. Council reserves the right to request additional fees if required once the application is received and the scope of the application assessed.

For further information on details required or for confirmation of fees, please read  'How to submit a properly made development application' or contact our Customer Service Centre on 131 872.

All information supplied on or with the application forms may be disclosed publicly in accordance with the Right to Information Act 2009, Evidence Act 1977, Planning Act 2016 and Planning Regulation 2017. Council is committed to protecting the privacy, accuracy and security of your personal information in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009. View Council’s privacy, copyright and disclaimer information.



Current online development application submission (online form)

Save time and money by submitting your development application online. Our lodgement team will email you to confirm receipt of your application within two working days. This is a lodgement service only and acceptance of this application does not constitute a properly made application. Council officers will contact you in due course to advise whether the application is properly made.

Open the Development assessment online lodgement form (online form).

If you are using the smart form (not the portal) to submit your development application to Toowoomba Regional Council, there are specific file requirements for it to be accepted. The file requirements are:

File format

All files must be in PDF format:

  • created by a software program, not by a scanner
  • unlocked with no password protection
  • unzipped

File size

You can upload files within the form with a total of up to 20Mb at one time.    

File name

File names must:

  • be the name of the type of document as shown below and
  • not have symbols, including underscores

Specific file naming advice includes:

Application forms

Filename example: Application Forms.pdf

Specific requirements: Combine all forms into one single PDF document


Filename example: Submitted Plans.pdf

Specific requirements: Combine all plans into one single PDF document

Other documentation

Filename example: Supporting Documentation.pdf

Specific requirements: Combine all other documentation into one single PDF document, including cover letter etc.

Assessment reports

Filename example: Name the file according to the name of the report, e.g.  Traffic Report.pdf

Specific requirements: Attach as a single PDF


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