How to lodge a plumbing and drainage application

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The following information aims to assist applicants to successfully submit an application for plumbing and drainage work to Council. Toowoomba Regional Council offers a drawing service to help you complete your application. Applicants can lodge an application for plumbing and drainage by submitting all the required information as listed below to one of Council's customer service centres. 

Your application needs to include:

One copy of complete building plans with scale bar including

◻ Form 1 (complete & signed)
◻ Floor plan with scale bar showing all fixtures including finish floor level
◻ Elevations
◻ Cut and fill design including finished surface level
◻ Upper floor level designs (where applicable)
◻ Applicable fee

One copy of proposed hydraulic plumbing and drainage designs including

◻ TRC scaled plan requirements 1:500, 1:200, 1:100 on A1, A2, A3 with scale bar measure
◻ Fully dimensioned site plans showing all current & proposed structures
◻ Showing full site plan with all boundaries and adjoining streets or at least 2 boundaries for large properties
◻ Service providers infrastructure including connection points sewer and stormwater. Must comply with QDC*
◻ Service provider’s water supply meter location and secondary meter locations to TRC Policy
◻ Inspection Openings (including IO to surface & clear outs)
◻ Overflow relief gully (ORG) location
◻ Vent pipe locations and size
◻ Site soil classification for example H1, H2, E, S, P
◻ Location and design of pipe work expansion control by a suitably qualified expert

If for additions/alterations - one current site plan with scale bar showing

◻ Existing fixtures, services and drainage to TRC scale. Requirements. 1:500, 1:200, 1:100 on A1, A2, A3 or TRC drawn plan

For onsite treatment system and land application area requirements additional to above mentioned

◻ Location of proposed system
◻ Model, size and brand of treatment system including Chief Executive approval
◻ Proposed invert level to inlet of treatment plant
◻ Land contours of site
◻ Distances and locations from waterways, bores, creeks, dams, underground / above ground water tanks, pools
◻ Property boundaries, walk ways etc in accordance with the QLD plumbing & Waste Water Code
◻ Size of land application area, % slope and type and method of effluent disposal
◻ Identification and location of vegetation and cattle exclusion fencing (rural) surrounding the LAA
◻ Site & soil evaluation report


Plumbing application drawing service

You can use Council's drawing service for:

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