Sewer drainage plans

Drainage plans may be available for inspection and purchase from us by contacting 131 872.

If the drainage plan on file for a property has been drawn by the Toowoomba Regional Council, it is available for purchase. Plans not drawn by us will require consent from the copyright owner.

Drainage plans show council's sewer lines and the sanitary lines that run from the building to the connection point at the sewer or onsite treatment system. The location of the plumbing fixtures within the building will also be displayed on the plan. Drainage plans are either drawn by council, or drawn by a professional and submitted to council.

Not all properties will have an up to date plan. This may be because:

  • the property is a vacant block of land and no HCP will exist
  • there may not be a HCP for your property, as the work may never have been regulated by council
  • plans may have bene lodged with the plumbing industry council and the copy we hold may not be up to date or reflect changes made after November 2012
Last Updated: Wednesday, 06 February 2019 15:50
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