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When purchasing a property or looking to do more work to your property, it’s a good idea to check what buildings and structures are approved on your property. Due to the introduction of the Building Act 1975, we may not have records of any buildings or structures built before this date.

Property searches

Using the property search form (see 'Related documents'), there are a number of different searches you can request, with each searchable to provide different information. The property search form will outline what each search contains and what is best for your needs.

Building plan search

If you want to obtain building plans of your property, you can submit a ‘request for archived building plans’ search on the Property search form (see 'Related documents'). Our Searches Officer will investigate what is available for your property, retrieve any files from archives if required, and contact you to advise of the availability and relevant fee.

Related documents

Online form Property search form (online)

PDF Property search form (for print)

PDF Building - Request for building information INFO 010 (for print)

PDF Icon Building - Building search request information sheet INFO 030 (for print)

Further assistance

Contact us to determine the best search to undertake for your property if still unsure after viewing the forms mentioned above.

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