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There are a number of ways to get information on previous development applications and approvals on your property. If you are purchasing a property, it is recommended that you do the relevant searches to ensure that all building/structures and activities on the property have been approved.

PD Online

PD Online application tracking includes all development applications decided after 1 January 2007 (for Toowoomba City only) or 17 March 2008 (for the entire Toowoomba Regional Council area).

You can search via property address or application number to find the applications relating to the property.

A development application does not include applications for building work or plumbing work.

Planning and development certificates

Under the Planning Regulation 2017, Council is required to offer planning and development certificates for purchase. Each certificate contains a different level of information and can be especially useful for commercial/industrial premises. These can be requested through the Property Search form, which also gives detail about what is included on each certificate.

Copy of development approval

If you only want to get a copy of a development approval and it is not available on PD Online, you can make a written request to Council. The request should include the application number (if possible), property address, and what specific development/building the approval relates to. This request can be made via email to development@tr.qld.gov.au, or in hard copy and lodged at any of Council’s Customer Service Centres. Council’s Searches Officer will contact you after receiving the request to advise whether the document is available and the associated fee. Please note that there may be extra fees applicable if the file for your property is only available in a hard copy at Council's archive storage facilities.

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Further assistance

Contact Council to determine what search is best for your property, or talk to your solicitor/conveyancer.