The driveway for a house, dual occupancy, bed & breakfast establishment or home-based business is generally self-assessable.

An operational works permit is not required for carrying out works if the following has been met:

  • A relevant standard drawing (see link in 'Related documents') 
  • An acceptable outcome of the Part 9.4.6 Transport, Access and Parking Code of the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme (see link in 'Related documents')


Driveway crossover

A driveway crossover for a house, dual occupancy, bed & breakfast establishment or a home-based business is generally self-assessable if, the driveway crossover:

a) Is not:

  • a second property access,
  • located on a bend in the road of more than 45% or
  • to a state-controlled road or a road with bluestone kerbing.

b) Is not within:

  • 25m of a signalised road intersection,
  • 20m of an unsignalised road intersection in an industrial or centre’s zone or 10m otherwise,
  • 2m of any adjoining property access, including shared property accesses, at the property line,
  • 1m of any street signage, power poles, street lights, manholes, stormwater gully pits, or other Council asset, or
  • the outer canopy of any street tree.

c) Does not:

  • require the modification, relocation, or removal of any existing infrastructure (e.g. street trees, fire hydrants, water meters, manholes or stormwater gully pits),
  • front a traffic island, speed control device, car parking bay, bus stop, or other structure within the roadway,
  • require removal or modification of any existing bluestone kerbing,
  • require any change to existing footpath/verge profiles,
  • have access restricted by an access restriction strip or link reserve,
  • access an unformed or unkerbed road, or
  • exceed 4m in width.

d) Is constructed of gravel (but only in a non-urban zone), reinforced concrete, bitumen or pavers; and

e) Is provided in accordance with the relevant standard drawings by Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia - Queensland Division (link in 'Related documents')

Where it is proposed to deviate from Council's standard drawing or the driveway cross over for works other than the above, an operational works permit may be required from Council prior to construction. Please contact Council's Development Services Branch for more information. 

Please refer to Toowoomba Regional Council Planning Scheme Part 9.4.6 Transport, Access and Parking Code for more information (see link in 'Related documents').

Note: Access to State controlled roads requires the approval of the Department of Transport and Main Roads.


Submitting an application

If you are going to build, repair or modify a driveway, you may be required to apply for approval first. This approval is termed an 'operational works permit for footpath crossover'. The operational works permit for footpath crossovers includes driveways and stormwater crossings within the footpath area.

How to submit an application

Online application - preferred method

Online customer service portal - Register (top right hand corner) and then select 'Development applications'.

Further information about the portal can be found in the 'Submit your development application online' article.


DA Form 1 can be emailed to

In person

DA Form 1 can be submitted in person to your local customer service centre.

Application help - site plan information assistance

The following points will assist you to ensure the plan you supply to Council has all the relevant information.

  • Type of kerb e.g. bluestone, concrete barrier or layback kerb.
  • Any existing sealed footpath and type eg. concrete, asphalt and width (if applicable).
  • For driveways, whether or not an extended layback kerb crossing is desired.
  • For driveways, the location, width length and construction material (e.g. concrete, pavers etc) of proposed crossover.
  • For stormwater connections, the location, size and type of pipe and kerb adaptor.
  • Any existing crossovers or stormwater connection to your property or the adjacent property if close to the boundary.
  • Distance from side and front boundaries.
  • Approximate levels. Whether the block is higher or lower than the kerb. For steep or non-standard footpath profiles, a section along the driveway may be required.
  • Any existing services. Eg: Telstra pits, power poles, fire hydrants etc. and the clearance between the proposed driveway/stormwater cross over and the services.
  • Any existing footpath trees. Show distances for clearance to the trunk of the tree and to the dripline of the tree’s canopy. If the proposed crossover is to be located within the dripline of an existing footpath tree you will be required to liaise with the Parks and Recreation Branch (see Driveway and Works in the Road Reserve Information Sheet).

Please take note of the standard conditions.

For standard drawing examples and further information, refer to the IPWEAQ Standard Drawings.


What to do if there are existing street trees

For any activities within the road reserve, where physical excavation or any disturbance of the ground is to occur within the drip line of existing street trees, please consult with Council’s Parks & Recreation Services Branch prior to work commencing.

For further information about existing street trees and road reserve requirements and procedures, please contact the City Trees Coordinator on 131 872.


More information

For further information contact Development Services - Engineering on 131 872 or visit your nearest Customer Service Centre.

If you are unsure whether or not you are required to apply for a permit or require further specific information about driveways and works in the road reserve requirements and application process, please contact the Duty Engineer on 131 872 or visit your nearest Customer Service Centre.


Related documents

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IPWEAQ Standard Drawings

  • IPWEA RS-049 – Residential Driveways Plan 1 of 2
  • IPWEA RS-050 – Residential Driveways Plan 2 of 2
  • IPWEA RS-056 – Rural Driveway

Planning scheme Part 9.4.6 Transport, Access and Parking Code

CL 003 Operational works permit for footpath crossovers checklist

INFO 013 Driveway and Works in the Road Reserve Information Sheet

Council's standard drawing:

Urban residential driveway - slab & tracks



The information contained in this article is a guide only. This information has been prepared by Toowoomba Regional Council to help people gain an understanding of the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme.

Please consult the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme for detailed information including maps (zones, local plans, overlays and priority infrastructure plan), provisions and policies.

The content of this article is not intended to replace the provisions of the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme.