Application for nomination of road frontage (INFO 047)

An application for nomination of road frontage is a request to have the major street on a corner block identified for construction purposes. The prescribed relaxation, pending on the width of corner sites applies to the major street under the Planning Regulation 2017 and Queensland Development Code MP1.1, MP 1.2 or MP 1.3.

Nomination of road frontage is not a siting discretion approval which may still be required if the structure is to be constructed closer than the nominated prescribed setback/s after the nomination of road frontage.


How to make an application for nomination of road frontage

Submission requirements

How to submit an application


These applications can be easily submitted and paid for using the online customer service portal, 24/7. It allows applicants to track the progress of their applications submitted through the portal by using one user account per business/individual with ease. 

Council encourages use of this service wherever possible. Register today to benefit from the full value and use of the portal!

Further information about the portal can be found in the 'Submit your development application online' article.


Applications can be emailed via

Next steps after submission

  1. Your request will be assessed by the Building Compliance Team of the Regional Architecture and Heritage Branch.
  2. Formal advice will be issued on the outcome of the application including revised prescribed setbacks for narrow allotments.


Further information

For further information regarding nomination of road frontage contact Regional Architecture and Heritage on 131 872 or visit your nearest Customer Service Centre.



The information contained on this page is a guide only. This information has been prepared by Toowoomba Regional Council to help people gain an understanding of the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme and building legislations. Please consult the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme for detailed information including maps (zones, local plans, overlays and priority infrastructure plan), provisions and policies. The content of this information sheet is not intended to replace the provisions of the Toowoomba Regional Planning Scheme and building legislations.


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