We are committed to ensuring the sustainable development of the region. The economic strength of the region, the health and welfare of its residents, and the state of the environment are directly linked to the transport system. Sustainable transport is about making the best use of our transport systems to serve the needs of the region. This will ensure that our region is an attractive, healthy and affordable place to live.

The strategy is for the whole of the Toowoomba Region, including Toowoomba City, urban Toowoomba (including Highfields, Gowrie, Wyreema and Kingsthorpe), and other outer regional centres. Reliance on private vehicles for transport in the region is well established but as the region grows, we have a responsibility to facilitate safer, more reliable and user-friendly public and active transport.

The strategy aims:

  • to ensure that residents and visitors who cannot drive, have access to affordable and viable transport alternatives.
  • to encourage greater physical activity to benefit the health of residents.
  • to make it easier for customers to support local business whether they get there on foot, using a wheelchair, riding a bicycle, catching a bus or driving a car or truck.
  • to enhance the amenity and heritage of our city and towns by minimising air and noise pollution from traffic, the need for wider roads and more parking;
  • to ensure the economic resilience of our communities to the increasing cost of petrol.

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