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retired couple with suv and caravan travel to highfields visitor information centre

The Recreational Vehicle Strategy provides a direction for the provision of camping options for recreational vehicle use within the Toowoomba region and recommends changes to local laws and the planning scheme which Council could consider for adoption.

Strategy aims

Strategy content

  1. Project scope and objectives
    • Current situation
  2. Understanding the RV market
    • National trends in RV
    • Camping trends in Australia and Queensland
    • Camping trends in Toowoomba
    • Camparative trends
    • Travelling with pets
  3. Strategic and regulatory context
    • State context
    • State and regional context
    • Local laws
    • Planning scheme
    • Guiding principles
  4. Recommendations
    • Governance and management
    • Legal and policy framework
    • Site management
    • Marketing and communication

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