The purpose of the Bridge Street Quarry Development Advisory Committee (BSQDAC) is to provide high level leadership, advice and recommendations on the functions and responsibilities listed below.

Committee functions

The functions of the Bridge Street Quarry Development Advisory Committee are:

  • to advise council on the major principles and strategic direction for the development of the site, having consideration to and general alignment with the Bridge Street Quarry Redevelopment Feasibility Study 2018 (KPMG).
  • to investigate, advise and make recommendations to Council on development, governance and management options for the Bridge Street Quarry site including issues, benefits and opportunities of different options.
  • to advise Council on funding, investment, and partnership opportunities directly aligned with the redevelopment of the site including Council, other government, private and philanthropic sources.
  • to advise and assist Council to advance the existing technical work previously undertaken, including the Bridge Street Quarry Redevelopment Feasibility Study 2018 (KPMG).
  • to investigate and provide information and advice to Council on market opportunities, including tourism, to inform a future commercial investment strategy.


The Bridge Street Quarry Development Advisory Group will consist of up to 15 members, plus up to three (3) additional external advisors as required, as follows:

  • Chairperson – one (1) Councillor or their delegate, appointed by Council;
  • Up to an additional four (4) Councillors as required from time to time being a Portfolio Representative from each Committee, with the exception of the Finance and Business Strategy Committee and the Economic Development Committee;
  • Up to four (4) representatives, comprising up to one representative from each of the following community groups:
    • Friends of Quarry Gardens (1)
    • Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club (1)
    • Friends of Escarpment Parks (1)
    • Toowoomba Bushwalkers Club (1)
  • One (1) representative from Southern Queensland Country Tourism;
  • One (1) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representative;
  • One (1) representative from either Toowoomba & Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) or the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce;
  • One (1) resident of Bridge Street in East Toowoomba (east of Mackenzie Street), who is not a member of, or affiliated with the community groups, TSBE, Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce or Southern Queensland Country Tourism, and who can inform about potential resident issues arising from the redevelopment of the Bridge Street Quarry site;
  • Staff subject matter experts comprising four (4) staff members nominated by the Chief Executive Officer reflecting the scope of functions of the Advisory Group at any point in time:
    • Strategic Planning & Economic Development
    • Infrastructure Services Group
    • Parks & Recreation
    • Stakeholder Engagement & Communication
    • Community Development, Facilities and Tourism
    • Water and Waste Services
  • Up to three (3) external third parties with expertise relevant to the scope of functions, only as required. These places will change to reflect the current priorities of the Committee.

Bridge Street Resident Expressions of Interest for BSQDAC

Council invites your expression of interest by 28 August 2020 if you are:

  • A resident of Bridge Street along either side of Bridge Street, east of Mackenzie Street to the junction of Dudley Street, Toowoomba. Residents can be either property owners, or tenants if the owner of the property is not the resident.

You will also need to demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Ability to engage with and represent the views of the residents along this defined area of Bridge Street;
  • Have an interest in the redevelopment of the Bridge Street Quarry site and can offer skills and experience that will benefit the committee;
  • Ability to work collaboratively within a multi-disciplinary group from a range of professional and community backgrounds;
  • Time to attend monthly meetings and additional meetings as determined by the committee;
  • Have no affiliation or membership to the organisations listed above under membership.

To nominate simply email a one-page statement outlining how you meet the above-mentioned criteria and can support the delivery of the BSQDAC Terms of Reference.

Council will also be directly contacting the following organisations seeking a nomination to be represented on the BSQDAC:

  • Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club
  • Toowoomba Bushwalkers Club Inc
  • Friends of the Escarpment Park Toowoomba Inc
  • Southern Queensland Country Tourism
  • Toowoomba Quarry Gardens Ltd.

Council will also be seeking a nomination from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee when the membership of this Advisory Committee is confirmed.

Council is also contacting directly Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE) and the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce, seeking an expression of interest to join the BSQDAC.

Further information

For further information please email info@tr.qld.gov.au or call us on 131 872.

Supporting Documentation

Bridge Street Quarry Feasibility Study

Bridge Street Quarry Development Advisory Committee Terms of Reference