Over the last few years, our staff have reported almost 200 incidents of abuse, harassment and physical altercations with members of the public.

Like any workplace, we expect that our staff should be able to come to work in a safe and secure environment.

In 2020, we noticed an increase in the frequency and severity of staff being threatened or abused while doing their job throughout the community.

 The campaign, ‘Our People – your friends, family and neighbours’ aims to humanise our workforce and help members of the public understand that while they work for Council, they’re also people and members of the Region.

Everything our people do is for our community.

Our people are our greatest asset and they have a right to do their work free from intimidation, abuse and threats, regardless of what job they’re performing.

This is a campaign that recognises the dedication of our workforce and creates a greater understanding of the person behind the uniform.

It’s important to our organisation that we ensure we’re doing whatever we can to make our staff feel safe and supported while they’re working.