At the Cecil Plains Emergency Services Day are the Auxiliary Fire and Rescue Service, SES, QAS, RFS, QPS, QPWS and Toowoomba Regional Council.

With forecasts for another wet season approaching, Toowoomba Regional Council (TRC) Mayor Paul Antonio is encouraging residents and landowners to ‘Get Ready’ for any potential natural disasters.

“With above average rainfall predicted for the coming months, we’re urging residents and landowners to get themselves and their properties prepared early this year,” Mayor Antonio said.

“Our dams are already near capacity and with ground saturation levels so high throughout the Region, the risk is much greater this year.

“As flooding is a real risk again this summer, ensuring you have what you need on hand such as sandbags and supplies are essential, especially in case of flooding causing isolation of towns and/or if you have been previously impacted.

“It’s important to understand your unique risks based on where you’re located, develop an emergency plan for both yourself and your animals and to pack an emergency kit that can last you for at least three days.”

Flooding events have had a significant impact on the Region, with Council completing emergency road works at more than 7600 locations since November 2021.

TRC Infrastructure Committee Chair Cr Carol Taylor said Council continued to prioritise its Flood Recovery efforts, with a road recovery works program from the February and May 2022 event alone expected to be well over $100 million.

“It’s great to have the support of our community in understanding the scale of damage over the entire Council area,” Cr Taylor said.

“It’s been a massive task following multiple events for our dedicated teams to complete the works they have to date. They still have a lot more to do, especially if our roads are again impacted by more rain, or our teams are required to divert their attention away from permanent reconstruction back to emergency repairs due a new flooding event.

“Please remember, if it’s flooded – forget it.”

During a disaster event it’s important for the safety of yourself and others to stay up-to-date by visiting the Toowoomba Region Disaster Dashboard at