Two women participants in cultural dress from Languages and Cultural Festival 2015

The Toowoomba Region needs migrant community leaders – men, women and young people from all ages, to support and encourage communities to grow. Emerging communities need a diversity of leaders. Linking Leaders believes that one or two leaders cannot solve all the complex problems that our communities face. We believe there is strength in diversity and that community leadership can take place in different groups and be represented by a variety of individuals. With diverse leadership, our communities will grow stronger.

Criteria for joining Linking Leaders

  • Migrant and refugee community members who are actively committed to becoming a community leader are invited to join. Linking Leaders reaches out to all migrant and refugee men and women who are actively engaged in their community’s concerns and would like to take a leadership role. You have a point of view that the community would like to hear and a set of skills that is unique and valuable.
  • All forms of leadership are welcome. Linking Leaders welcomes all forms of leadership – social, community and religious, formal and informal, male and female, as well as young and old. All forms of leadership can strengthen a community. Linking Leaders brings all forms of leaders together to create opportunities for respectful dialogue and collective problem solving.
  • There is room for more leaders. Linking Leaders is about developing new leaders for a community. You do not have to run for office or be given a title to be a leader. All you need to do is decide to take responsibility for some aspect of your community.
  • We are looking for leaders who are self-motivated. Through Linking Leaders, you can take as much responsibility for your community as you are willing and able to. 

Support for leaders undertaking leadership position

  • Linking Leaders is an opportunity to link with and learn from others. Community leaders learn through trial and error and leadership skills are built step-by-step. No matter what your skills are right now, you can become a better leader if you work at it. You may find yourself doing things you never imagined you could!
  • We meet throughout the year to give you regular support. Linking Leaders has an annual calendar of activities. By joining in these activities, you can talk, listen and learn about what it means to be a leader of your community and the many ways you can find help from others.

Benefits of joining Linking Leaders

  • Ideas, insights and expertise to help you develop your community
  • The experience of others who are travelling down the same road
  • The chance to increase your leadership skills
  • A network of new and experienced community leaders
  • Greater knowledge of the Toowoomba Region and its resources

For more details about Linking Leaders, please contact contact us.

All are welcome. If you are not currently on the mailing list, please contact Roberto Garcia, Community Development Officer (Multicultural) on 0457 590 606 or by email.

Linking Leaders meetings

Service providers, advocates and community leaders come together to network, partner and work collaboratively to assist migrants and refugees to settle successfully in Australia. Four (4) meetings are held per year. Meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month in February, May, August and November unless changed by prior notice.

Meeting notices will be sent to everyone on the mailing list. For virtual meetings on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, an invitation/link to the meeting will be sent in advance with the usual meeting papers.

Time: 1pm – 3pm
Venue: Level 3, Toowoomba City Library, Cnr Victoria & Herries Streets, Toowoomba.

Linking Leaders is a partnership between Mercy Community Services South West Queensland (Cultural Diversity Hub) and Toowoomba Regional Council (Community Development).