Opportunities are regularly made available for incoming sponsorship of Council events, projects or services. 

Incoming sponsorship is a great way for you and your organisation to work with us in a mutually beneficial way and enhances the provision of community services and facilities by raising additional funding which may be used to:

  • supplement assets
  • deliver programs
  • increase exposure
  • cover operational costs.

Our 2.71 Sponsorship Policy is in place to provide a single, coordinated and transparent approach to seeking, acquiring and managing incoming sponsorships and partnerships. The policy relates to all Council run and managed assets, programs, venues and events where monetary or in-kind support is received directly from a sponsor/partner.


I'd like to sponsor a Council activity or event

Please contact us at any time if you have a creative idea to sponsor a Council activity or event.

Where specific sponsorship opportunities exist, these will be listed in separate website articles in this 'Sponsorship opportunities with Council' category.