Last Updated: Wednesday, 06 May 2020 07:45
Man taking rubbish bins to the curb

There are no public holidays for our kerbside waste collection service! Collection is completed Monday to Friday including all public holidays such as:

Please ensure that your bins are on the kerbside for collection by 6am on the collection day (by 5am in the Toowoomba CBD area).

For opening hours of your local waste facility on public holidays please open the waste operating hours article.

Waste collection on the Toowoomba Show Holiday

Residents living around the Toowoomba showgrounds may experience changed collection times due to an increase in traffic.

Waste collection on Christmas Day

Collections on Christmas day will commence earlier than normal (from 5am across the region) so it is recommended that your bins are placed out the night before.

Waste collection on Anzac Day

To avoid marches and dawn services, the route taken by the waste trucks may change. It's recommended that your bins are placed out the night before.