Crows Nest - Lake Perseverance

Thursday, 01 Oct 2020 9:38

Address: Perseverance Dam Road, Crows Nest QLD 4355

Set amongst a timbered landscape, Perseverance provides a great outdoor space to enjoy all year round. Comprehensive park facilities, including sheltered picnic tables, drinking water, toilets, free gas barbecues and playground equipment, are on offer with magnificent views of the lake also afforded from the lookout, located just west of the spillway.

A short walking distance from the lookout is Perseverance Creek and a nearby view of the Pump House.

Water skiing and canoeing are permissible activities only for Perseverance Aquatic Club members and those engaged in organised activities through the Queensland Government Department of Justice and Attorney General’s Lake Perseverance Centre.

Please leave your pets at home when visiting this natural area.

How to get there: Lake Perseverance is a 48 km drive from Toowoomba. To get there, take the New England Highway towards Crows Nest and turn right onto Pechey Forestry Road/Perseverance Dam Road and follow the signs to Lake Perseverance.

From Crows Nest, take the New England Highway and turn left onto Charles Street. Turn right onto Perseverance Dam Road and follow the signs to Lake Perseverance. It is a 14 km drive.

Lake Perseverance is a 18 km drive from Ravensbourne. Take the Esk-Hampton Road towards Esk and turn left onto Mount Jockey Road which turns into Perseverance Dam Road. Follow the signs to Lake Perseverance.

Before you head out to the dam remember to check:

Lake Perseverance Lookout Walk

Best for: Bushwalking

Classification: Grade 2

Distance: 216 m combined

Walking time: 5 minutes

Description of the walk: The lookout is located at about 200 m from the carpark and offers views of the lake. From the lookout you can walk another 200 m to the start of Perseverance Creek and take in a different perspective of the lake.

Useful link:

Lake Perseverance walking trail map



Picnic tables
Bush walking
Drinking water