Kearneys Spring - Ruthven Street South Reserve

Thursday, 23 Jul 2020 13:38

Address: Ruthven Street, Kearneys Spring QLD 4350

This is a bushland park with some interesting views. As the park is not frequently visited, its level of service is lower than other bushland parks.

How to get there: From Toowoomba head south along Ruthven Street (New England Highway - A3). Travel past the traffic lights at the intersection with Nelson Street and after about 1km carefully make a U-turn to the left where you will see the gate to a power station. Drive north for 80m, parallel to the bitumen road, and you will reach the park’s gate on your right. Park your vehicle out of the way. The entry gate is permanently locked so you may need to jump up the gate; the hinge side is the stronger side.

Facilities: None

Ruthven Reserve Circuit

Best for: Bushwalking

Classification: Grade 3

Distance: 2,000m return

Walking time: 55 minutes

Description: This walk starts at the entry gate and makes a big loop around the park. Traveling clock-wise, the track runs parallel to the fence line on the left-hand side. The undulating terrain includes some moderate climbs and some short steep sections.

The track continues north until it reaches a private property at the northern end of the park. It turns right and follows the ridge where it starts descending until reaching an intersection. To the right, the track goes back to the fence line forming a small loop at the north-west side of the park. To the left, it passes over a small creek and heads north again to reach another intersection, which is the start of another small loop on the eastern side of the park.

To the left, the track follows a creek line and then closes the eastern loop. From the track you can see different types of vegetation - mostly gum trees (Eucalyptus sp.), wattle (Acacia sp.) and broad-leaf privet (Ligustrum lucidum). To the right, the track takes a short cut and goes south, uphill, until it reaches a concrete water tank. It then turns right following the fence of the neighbouring power station and finishes back at the entry gate.

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Ruthven Street South Reserve walking trails map


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