Toowoomba City has a purpose-built cycling criterium track and outdoor velodrome that offer cyclists some safe recreational and training options dedicated to cyclists.


This 333m, outdoor, asphalt surfaced and painted, banked velodrome has been an icon for Toowoomba cycling for many decades.

Facility location: Wattle Street, Harlaxton.

Track bookings

The venue is free for public use unless the track has been booked specifically. Bookings can be made by contacting us on 131 872.

Track facilities

The venue has a small amount of car parking and a clubhouse available for cycling club meets. Uncovered concrete viewing stands with morning shade from nearby trees assist onlookers to enjoy the cycling action.


In the years before circa 1960, a flat dirt track existed at this location in Griffith Park, Harlaxton. Col Rowland (1936 - 2011) was instrumental in the development of the velodrome as it exists today. It was most recently resurfaced in 2019.


Criterium track

The Peter Watts Criterium Track is a fantastic facility for the whole community with six different track configurations offering a versatile and flexible layout, and with distances ranging from 350 m to 1.76 km.

Whether you are on training wheels, enjoy a social bike ride, dream of becoming a professional cyclist or ride competitively, the track will suit your level of skill and fitness. Situated on undulating terrain, the circuit is unlike all other criterium tracks around the country, making it an appealing facility for elite state and national competition or training.

Facility location

Toowoomba Showgrounds, 30 Harvey Rd, Glenvale

A network of cycle lanes connecting the Toowoomba CBD to the criterium track allows cyclists an easier ride if choosing to ride to the facility.

Track bookings

The venue is free for public use unless the track has been booked specifically. The track is CLOSED and not to be used when horse events are being held on the adjoining land. A noticeboard at the venue will indicate whether the track is open or closed to the public.

Bookings can be made by contacting us on 131 872.

Track facilities

The venue has car parking and an amenities block with change rooms, showers, toilets and a toilet for people with a disability. Access to the small club room and facilities in the amenities block can be arranged when hiring the venue.


The track was named after Peter Watts (1954-2017) who was a keen triathlete of Toowoomba and employee of Toowoomba Regional Council. As a passionate member of the community's Cycle Development Facilities Committee, Peter drove the concept and detailed design works for this high-class track.


Using these tracks

We ask users of the track to follow a few simple rules to ensure everyone stays safe. Signs are erected around the venue detailing safety instructions for all users.

  • All cyclists must wear a helmet
  • For public use, all tracks are to be ridden anti-clockwise
  • Early morning users must consider noise levels affecting nearby residents.

Other facility rules include:

  • Walkers/joggers are prohibited from the tracks
  • Pedestrians must give way to cyclists and use extreme caution when crossing the tracks
  • No motorised vehicles are permitted (except for cycling club meets using motor-paced racing and training)
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash in the vicinity
  • All rubbish must be placed in bins provided.

Criterium track specific rules:

  • Give way to cyclists on track one (or full course layout--1.76 km)
  • Always overtake on the right
  • Take care when overtaking children or inexperienced cyclists.

Due to the steep banks on the Velodrome:

  • It is recommended for use by experienced track cyclists or cyclists under the guidance of an experienced track cyclist
  • It can only be used under dry conditions.