Clifton from the air

This project will test the likelihood of Great Artesian Basin (GAB) water being able to contribute to the existing Clifton town water system. Stages include:

  1. The drilling of a test hole. An extension to this project or the commencement of another project, along with the additional budget, will be required if a reasonable supply is found. Additional steps would need to include the purchase and installation of a suitable pump, installation of power and telemetry, design and construction of supporting infrastructure (tanks and pipes).
  2. The design and construction of a GAB bore.
  3. Purchase and install a pump.

Start date

December 2020.

Completed 2022 

Stage 1: June 2021. Completed in April 2021.

Stage 2: Completed in June 2021.

Stage 3: October 2021.


Using GAB water for this town water system is dependant on treatment options - refer to Clifton packaged water treatment plant.


Clifton long-term town water solutions

Several long-term solutions are being progressed in parallel for our Clifton town water system.

Prior investigations into options for access to private bores via an expression of interest in December 2019 and again in early 2020 have not returned any workable options to date.

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