Landfills are considerable emitters of greenhouse gasses. This re-use project will utilise the gas produced by the breakdown of waste deposited since the 1970s at the Hermitage Road Toowoomba Waste Management Centre. The underground gas will be collected by a pipe network and funnelled to the flare point, significantly reducing the greenhouse gas emission rate and powering a portion of Council's nearby Wetalla water reclamation facility (which is one of Council's highest energy users).

Currently, the gas collection infrastructure has been installed and the gas is being flared. During 2021/22 the system will be connected to a generator to power a portion of Wetalla. It also has the ability to transport power to the grid.

The overall project will be completed in two phases:

  • Phase 1 - progressive design, construction and management of a landfill gas collection and flare system to address environmental and safety responsibilities and supply gas at an optimum rate for a utilisation project.
  • Phase 2 - design, construct and commission and manage a process technology to utilise the landfill gas resource. 

$790,000 has been allocated to the project in the 2021/22 budget.

Start date

July 2021.

Target completion date

June 2022.