Yarraman waste facility concept image

We are constructing a Tier 4 waste transfer facility at Yarraman to allow for the closure of the existing landfill which is nearing capacity.

Waste transfer facilities are a cleaner waste management solution than landfill, improving the public experience when visiting the waste facility, reducing the impacts to the community associated with landfill activity and ensuring environmental compliance. Storage of waste is in bulk bins before being transported to landfill locations offsite. This process reduces the extent of odour, dust, and animal/rodent control required. Litter prevention controls ensure windblown litter from the facility is prevented from entering drains.

The design of the new facility will be a smaller version of the Greater Toowoomba Waste Management Facility on O'Mara Road, Wellcamp with similar waste management functions and opportunities to maximise diversion from landfill. The new facility will be constructed on the existing site.

A sum of $420,000 was allocated in 2020/21 for initial designs and due diligence investigations. The budget of $3.5 million was allocated in 2021/22 to complete the design and commence construction. In the 2022/23 budget, $1,795,263 is allocated, which will finalise the project.

Project stages


  • Community consultation of the proposed facility occurred in late 2020
  • Development application approved.


  • Construction contract went out to market and the construction contract was awarded.
    Construction of the new facility substantially underway.


  • Completion of the project with opening planned by October 2022


Start date

July 2021.

Target completion date

October 2022.