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The current landfill cell at the Toowoomba Waste Management Centre landfill will reach capacity in approximately two years.

A new landfill cell is required to continue the acceptance of waste at the centre.

$2.4 million is allocated in the 2022/23 budget to complete earthworks and install the liner system for commissioning of the new landfill cell.

$1.5 million was allocated to the project in the 2021/22 budget for detailed design work to be completed for the new lined landfill cell stage 2 over the existing cell A.

There are six stages planned in total, with stage two spread over three years. The stages are progressively being delivered as each cell is filled with waste, projected through to 2030/31. Timing for each stage is depended on how quickly each cell is filled. Successful waste redirection initiatives will see this timeline extended.


Stage 2 progress

2020/21 - detailed design of the project completed

2021/22 - bulk earthworks and purchase of liner materials

2022/23 - installation of the liner and commissioning of the cell.

Stage 2 Start date

1 July 2020.

Stage 2 design completion

June 2021.

Stage 2 completion date

December 2022.