Our online maps are themed to help you find the information you require, as quickly as possible. 


Themed maps

tn property

Find details about your property.


tn infrastructure v2

Find details about council infrastructure.

tn planningscheme

Planning scheme

Find zoning and planning details.

tn library

Find your nearest library.

tn off leash
Off-leash dog parks

Find your local off-leash park.

tn park
Parks & facilities

Find parks and their facilities.

tn watecollectiondays
Waste collection days

Find your waste collection day.

tn watefacilities
Waste facilities

Find your nearest waste collection facility.

tn historicalimagery
Historical imagery

Historical Imagery Discovery Portal.

tn cemetery

Find a cemetery section/allotment.

tn localities
Localities & boundaries

Find localities, post codes and electoral boundaries.

tn bus
Toowoomba bus services

Link to Qld Transport site

tn magpie
Magpie attacks

See where magpie attacks have been reported to council.

tn heritagetrails
Heritage trails

Historical walking trails.

tn frip

Flood Risk Information Portal.


tn parking                                                                                      
CBD parking (temporarily unavailable)

Find information about parking availability in the CBD.

Roadworks line-marking
Temporary traffic management

Find road categories and traffic counts for traffic management planning.

Other maps of interest

Department of Natural Resources and Mines has several maps available online, including maps of Queensland imagery, flood mapping, topographic maps and administrative maps etc.


Custom maps

We are able to help with data enquiries and can create custom maps, electronic and hard copy. Our price list is available in our fees and charges.