Newtown - Clearview Street Park (dog off-leash area)

Monday, 25 Nov 2019 17:31

Address: Clearview Street, Newtown QLD 4350

This park is part of the Black Gully multi-sectioned parks network.  A designated, fenced, dog off-leash area is a feature of this park. 


This park is a 1.5 acre designated, fenced, dog off-leash area.  The park features a shelter, water fountains and dog bowl.  This is a popular area for dog walkers to exercise their dogs, with park users able to take in the Easterly views across Black Gully Park 3 playground and open space areas.


This area is located adjacent to Black Gully Park 2 which has dense tree plantings and a pathway, which provides dog owners with a larger area to walk their dog through a natural setting.  

dog off leash area map 201510 clearview

For more information on the Black Gully park network and what the different areas comprise of please see Black Gully park network.


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