Grace busking

Busking is defined as a musical performance undertaken by a person to entertain the public, seeking voluntary reward for the performance, on local government-controlled areas. We are proud of our central business district precincts and open space areas and are keen for residents and visitors alike to experience a relaxed shopping, dining or town visit within a safe and harmonious environment.  Under Subordinate Local Law No.4 (Local Government Controlled Areas, Facilities and Roads) 2011, busking is permitted, subject to public safety/enjoyment requirements.

Where performers can busk

Busking can be carried out on a local government-controlled area. We do not control busking on private property including non-council controlled areas, roads and reserves. Should a busker wish to enter such areas, then a separate arrangement needs to be set between the relevant parties.

How to obtain a busking permit

To obtain a permit to perform on a Council controlled area, complete and submit an application form along with video footage of a recent performance. Depending on the extent of the busking performance, it may be as simple as submitting an application and receiving a permit requiring compliance with standard conditions of approval.

There is no fee for a busking permit (which will remain valid for three months).

Please note:

  • we reserve the right to refuse any application
  • priority is given to buskers who have their own public liability insurance
  • a limited number of buskers will be allowed to busk each quarter
  • busking permits may be revoked if a number of complaints are received about loud or repetitive.

Busking application form (online)

Busking application form (for print)

Busking permit standard conditions

Our standard conditions are applied to ensure that a busker operates in a safe manner and blends in with the amenity of the area.

In general, standard conditions are as follows:

  1. Permission to be obtained from adjoining storekeeper/property owner (not applicable for busking in a park).
  2. Pedestrian access is to be maintained (1.8 metres between busker and carriageway).
  3. Entertainment is to be in keeping with the harmony of the area.
  4. Amplification shall not be used.
  5. Money collection receptacle to be positioned against the shop wall and away from pedestrian walkway and to be no larger in size than an average hat. (Guitar cases are not permitted).
  6. Busking shall not be conducted within 5 metres of an intersection.
  7. Busking shall not be conducted on land near Grand Central Shopping Centre located at the corner of Margaret and Victoria Streets, Toowoomba.
  8. Busking shall not be conducted in any specific area on a given day for a period exceeding one hour.
  9. Busking shall not be conducted within 40 metres of another busker.
  10. Music stands are not to be used.
  11. This permit does not allow busking to occur at private or public events that may be held within a Council controlled area and/or footpath.
  12. The quality of the performance and standard of dress (shoes must be worn) shall be to the satisfaction of Council's Events Officer, Tourism and Events. 
  13. Permits are to be available for inspection whilst busking.
  14. Expiry clause of 3 months.
  15. Adult supervision of children 15 years and under required. 

The risks of busking without a permit

Busking without a permit exposes the busker to legal action for conducting a prohibited activity on a local government-controlled area.

Complying with Council's requirements ensures that the activity is conducted in a safe and harmonious manner.